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It is said that the measures of a great nation is its ability to help those in need and Ghana is moving towards this philanthropic barometer in a major way. Not only has CSR become a corporate mandate for independent and parent companies but also a government directive for corporations to invest as small percentage of their profits to better the communities which support their growth. Team CSR Ghana is positioned to help corporations to meet their CSR goals and serve the people of Ghana. With a vast wealth of experience working and leading Non-profit Organisation (NGO’s) team CSR does not only provide the training and volunteer coordination for corporate bodies but is organised to measure, monitor and evaluate CSR activities to make sure the needed impact is achieved in the various communities.

TEAM CSR provides total management of CSR initiatives from research to implementation and completion of projects.

Team CSR Ghana

Our Mission

Providing corporations with the tools to effectively impact the communities they do business. To make Ghana a compassionate, caring and still a profitable nation

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Team CSR Ghana

Our Vision

Ghana has the ability to help those in need , through philanthropic efforts of corporations and individuals we can help make Ghana a better place for all. TEAM CSR is geared to be the catalyst for that change as it sets the course and trends for impactful CSR initiatives.

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How We Work

It has been proven that volunteering and community engagement is healthy and productive for employees as well I as profitable for the corporation because of the fulfilment, inner joy enjoyed as a person and the publicity as well as the goodwill CSR initiative creates which also translate into consumer product loyalty. Here are the major areas that TEAM CSR will help your company answer for management, board of directors and stakeholders:

Was the program useful?

Did it serve the needs of the intended recipients?

Did it serve unintended recipients? What difference did it make?

Did the program achieve the goals and objectives
it was intended to achieve?

Was the project executed/completed on-schedule?

Will this program continue? How will it be sustained?

How was the community informed of the program outcomes?

What were some aspects that you would/would not
replicate or recommend?

What needs to be improved?

How will these lessons learned be used in the future?

What are the next steps?

What is the plan to disseminate information about the
program to others?