Dr. Bryan Cox an internationally recognized and celebrated Chiropractic practitioner enlisted the service of TEAM CSR Ghana to identify a community in need of safe drinking water and manage the construction of a borehole for the community. TCSRG identified the community of Adomi in the Volta Region as the people in the area was using the lake banks for washing , drinking, and bathing.

Dr. Bryan Cox who wrote and published the children bestseller, “ Dr. Spine Goes To School”, decided to use part of the proceeds from the sales of his book to provide life saving water for communities in need. TCSRG was entrusted in the first undertaking of this huge initiative by Dr. Bryan Cox and The Spinal Clinic. TCSRG is proud to continue to work with Dr. Cox who has received many awards locally and international and continues to assist Ghanaians through his practice locations throughout Ghana withd his philanthropic generosity as well as donations every year.