Dr. Leslie Dodoo and his wife enlisted the help of TCSRG to assist in the Education of the brilliant but needy girl child in Ghana. Dr. Dodoo is a Ghanaian raised in the USA based in Irvin Texas and a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. He embarked on a mission to sell made in Ghana book bags using most of the proceeds to support his education scholarship initiative in Ghana.

Through TCSRG, Dr. Leslie Dodoo and his wife have supported the education, which includes payment of school fees, books, and overall upkeep for one year. Since 2017 he has provided for three girls at a cost of over 1200 dollars each. He continues to promote and support other initiatives in Ghana for the needy through his peers and practice as a Chiropractic Doctor in the USA and in accordance with his Christian family beliefs.